Our technical innovation is the Muckahi (‘Muck-ah-Hi’) mining system – an automatable underground transportation system that has the potential to disrupt the underground hard rock mining industry. Traditional underground mines use wide rubber-tired equipment to transport ore to the hoisting shaft, or directly to surface. This requires large and costly tunnels to be constructed underground. In contrast, the Muckahi system uses narrow, low, and long trains suspended on a network of overhead monorails. These monorail-based trains operate in smaller, shorter tunnels to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to underground mines.

A Muckahi mine is expected to be all electric, with equipment (mobile and fixed) powered by the grid or batteries. With no diesel trucks or other heavy diesel-powered equipment, CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by as much as 95% relative to a conventional mine, making for a healthier workplace, while reducing ventilation requirements and benefiting the environment.

A Muckahi Mine Can Be Expected To Deliver Up To:

The expected economic and environmental benefits of Muckahi are driven by:

Smaller, shorter development tunnels mean less capex, rapid access to ore, and a significant reduction in the time between investment and revenue.

With a reduced environmental footprint, improved resource utilization and a simpler, safer operating business, Muckahi delivers what is asked of mining systems for a sustainable future.